Wednesday, 24 July 2024


is the largest producers organisation in Cyprus. It was established in 2005 and commenced operations in that year. The company now has more than 500 members and a total area of 1.100 hectares under cultivation. The main Citrus offered by its grower/members are:

  • Grapefruit (Rio Red / Star Ruby / Red Blush and White Marsh)
  • Lemons (Lapithkiotiki - Eureca)
  • Mandora (Ortanique)
  • Oranges (Valencia - Valencia Late / Navel )

Cyprofresh was established under the conditions which govern co-operative organisations. As such it aims to provide its members with the support they need to enable them achieve their objectives and serve better the end-customer.

As a producers organisation Cyprofresh offers its members many and varied benefits which include amongst others:

  • Access to markets which otherwise would be inaccessible to individual producers
  • Better margins; account for by the reduced production costs and better prices
  • Reliable distribution channels
  • Team strength

Aiming to enhance its competitive position Cyprofresh entered into a strategic alliance with the respected SEDIGEP LTD which is Cyprus’s largest packer. This strategic alliance enhanced significantly the position of Cyprofresh and its members and allowed the company to use dedicated assets and serviceswithout the need to invest. Cyprofresh benefited immensely from this strategic alliance which allows it to use:

  • Sophisticated and efficient BRC-certified packaging facilities that meet the standards of demanding retailers.
  • The Sedigep packing plant provides Cyprofresh with facilities for storage, sorting and grading, packaging and transportation
  • Sophisticated technical support and quality assurance management which helps producers meet customer expectations
  • Financial support through loans and advancements to members. Equally, the Sedigep partnership eliminated the need for Cyprofresh to make heavy investments in capital equipment
  • Logistics: storing, procurement, storage and transport
  • Support in quality assurance, certification, tracing and tracking